Goal setting like a badass

When was the last time you wrote down your goals? Take a few minutes to remind yourself what you're working for.

Getting as specific as possible is the most effective way to make progress. Try techniques like SMART goals or Desire Driven goals. Both encourage deeper reflection and can elicit a clearer picture of what you are after. Now, go get it! You may just find that the challenge is as beautiful as the intended outcome.

When we write our goals as SMART goals, they are:

Specific and Simple

Measurable and Meaningful to you




An example of a broad goal is, “I want to eat healthier.”  This goal written in SMART detail is:

Specific and Simple: I want to improve my diet by planning ahead and bringing my lunch so I have convenient healthy options when time is tight.

Measurable and Meaningful to you: I will meal plan on Saturday morning, and shop and cook on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

Achievable:  I will start by taking my lunch to work 3x/week, and eating home-made dinner 3x/week. I will ask friends for easy, healthy recipe suggestions so I can have support and avoid getting overwhelmed by food.com!

Relevant: I want to feel more energetic and know that when I eat well, I feel better.  When I make convenient, unhealthy choices, I feel undisciplined. 

Time-bound:  I will start with planning, shopping and prepping on Sundays, bringing my lunches Mon-Wed for 2 weeks.  At the third week, I will include Tuesday planning and Wednesday shopping and prepping and bring my lunches 4 days and eat 5 dinners at home.

The journey towards achieving a goal is a beautiful, enlightening process!  Lean into the challenge and it can be invigorating and joyful.  If you stumble or stall-out, remember that small steps are better than no steps.  Be kind to yourself and remember there is a certified badass kicking around inside you, let them do their thing...