Progress does not have to be perfect...

Life ebbs and flows!  But sometimes we can get stuck feeling low, out of touch, and unable to find the gaps that need our attention.  Working with a coach can help define the life you want to live and develop a plan to making it happen.

Progress does not have to be perfect, it is only the beginning.

Pivot Integrative Wellness is wellness and life coaching that combines modalities from health, mindfulness, self-development and full-value living.  It is built upon tools, techniques and resources developed by experts in the field and offered as stepping stones in your personal development.

The most important element of your pivot is you.  You are the power behind the process- as a team, we will take an honest look at your life and its components.  With that clarity, you get to stand up for the adjustments you want to make. We will work together to integrate these choices in a sustainable, balanced lifestyle..

Pivot is a do-with process.  

Though the tools, resources, and techniques we use with clients are many and depend heavily on the individual, some of the areas of particular expertise are:

  • Habits and patterns (behavior speaks our needs)

  • Overall lifestyle (like exercise, diet, sleep patterns, work schedule…)

  • Value-based goal setting (aligning what you want with your Self)

  • Views of self/others/world (limiting or supporting?)

  • Mindfulness (seeing what is, relieving stress, managing distractions

Pivot is an integrative and holistic approach, accounting for and supporting all four of your body systems: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Many people come to coaching under the stress of one big issue they perceive in their lives. Starting your Pivot means looking at its roots and impact throughout your life as a whole.

Then, the magic happens: ACTION.

Actionability is what separates integrative wellness and life coaching from more common modalities that may only address one aspect (physical or mental, for example). Every action speaks a need and every need is best met when understood and valued.

Working together to understand your needs and try-on-for-size new and more balanced ways of meeting them is the magic of coaching.


Tools and Techniques:

Mindfulness-based: Meditation, mindful eating, intuition building

Anatomy of habit: Behavior is understandable and hackable, from sugar-addiction to your relationship with your boss.

Action plans: Clear outlines to begin the trial and error process, space to evolve as your well-wareness grows

Emotional release technique: Acknowledging and accepting even the tough stuff

Tracking and accountability: What we track we can be more honest about with ourselves

Work life/place relationship: We spend a whole lot of time in our responsibilities, learn ways to understand the negative or draining patterns that leave you wanting to cash out

Energizers and drains: Our mental and emotional energy can be created! (and diminished…)

Value-based time management and goal setting:  You can’t do it all, so let’s find balanced way to do what really means something to you

Values elicitation: Our guideposts or inner current, understanding our values is a significant key to wellness

Sometimes you just need a little help finding the room to pivot your direction when it no longer serves you...

Pivot Wellness is the culmination of years of traveling the world, working in health and wellness, challenge-seeking, passion-finding and personally-developing.  If anything has been learned from that journey, it is that the road is never simple, straight, or as expected.  It is in this light that I approach integrative life coaching- let's not kid ourselves about its ease and instead, look for ways and means to keep moving toward what you want.  


Who are we?

Hi— my name is Blake Cason

As owner and life-balance curator, Pivot has a deep personal connection for me.  Over the last 10+ years, I have worked with clients in the mental/behavioral health paradigm, as a mental health case manager, sexual health educator, diabetes prevention lifestyle coach, at-risk youth life coach, yoga and meditation instructor, and college professor to name a few.  In all of these professional roles, my reasons for being there were always supporting the growth of others and, equally, self-development.  And, indeed, this intention was always accomplished in spades: humans are incredible and insightful if we only stop and listen.

And from those experiences, I coach.  You have all of the wisdom and insight within you already, you amazing human, you.  My skill is not in fixing your life, but with sitting with you and asking the right questions that encourage you to reflect upon what isn't working and what may be the ticket to the right direction.  My job as coach is to support you unpacking things that may be getting in the way.  More importantly, to tap into your strengths to carry you towards your goals in any area of life: career, health, relationships, finances, spirituality, or self-development.