Clean fridge, dirty mind

Whether it's cleaning out your fridge, your desk, or organizing your home, take the time to declutter your life. #CleanOutYourFridgeDay

What decluttering task have you been putting off? Do you think about it every time you're in that space and then push the thought aside? For some of us, this is an example of not listening to our needs. Trust yourself- recognize that the clutter is causing a distraction and block out the time to take care of your need. This is one example of self-care, even though it is also about the (fridge/desk/nightstand/car/living room) :)

When our lives are busy, the areas that we tend to let slide over and over can become to ones that need the most attention.  Time management is almost an art form in the busy world of today.  Ever find yourself in a vicious cycle of limited productivity where you fall behind, get stressed, fall farther behind under the weight of the stress?  No bueno. 

There are many great time management techniques out there like the Pomodoro Technique of working in 25 minute blocks with mandatory 5 minute breaks.  Or, Time Blocking, where you focus on related tasks for 2-3 hour blocks without code-switching to another type of work.  More than this, Batching your days means that certain days of the week are for a given theme of work.

Some other helpful hot tips?  Turn off notifications on your phone and keep it on silent when you are working.  Limit email checking to twice a day, in the morning and the evening.  Only touch something once, especially if it can be completed in five or less minutes.  Lastly, 80% of outcomes come from 20% of work- focus on outcome generating work.

Time management is a skill to be tried and tested like anything else.  Give yourself plenty of patience and remain in touch with how freakin' great you feel when you get stuff done!