Habit and Behavior: Keystones to a Healthy Lifestyle

When we go to the doctor, we are relying on their expert knowledge of the human body system to support our health.  We may have something that is off, and we need an expert in the What’s and Why’s so we can make adjustments and feel better-  we need help seeing the anatomy of our physical health.

It is the same in so many aspects of life.  Think of your profession.  There are certain systems that must be in balance and working efficiently for things to work.  Whether it is a car engine, the roles of various employees in an office, or the structure and content of a website that tells customers what the heck you are trying to offer them…

Our incredible human lives are no exception!

There is an anatomy to our lifestyle, behavior, and habits.  The more we get radically honest about what we see and feel within those structures, the more we can make the right adjustments… the more we can create a life that fits around us comfortably.

An important part of this structure is the balance between work and play.  These two simple words are going to look and feel different between individuals, and that is the beauty of the human experience!  The constant, though, is that when in balance, they feed each other in healthy ways. 

My lifestyle and needs are going to be very different because of who I am as well as the structure of my interests, profession, and location.  If we get wrapped up in comparing our lifestyle to others, wishing things were different, or ignoring our needs, we lose the opportunity to understand and make adjustments.

Take your work day, for example.  What are the immovable responsibilities in your work day?  Start time, meetings, tasks, projects, emails, breaks, lunch, end time?  The things you have to do, the time those take, and places you have to be in at certain times, those are all elements of your work day structure, the anatomy of your work day.

Being really honest with ourselves about what is moveable and what is not is one of the most important elements.  Sometimes, there is more wiggle room, more space to take care of your needs, than you may immediately see.  Understanding your Life Anatomy often starts with calmly and objectively appreciating your responsibilities AND the space between them.

What parts of the structure of your life do you love?

What aspects have you already made intentional adjustments to?

Where in the anatomy of your life do you need to give a little awareness?


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