A friendly summer fitness plan? Oh yes!

It’s summer!  My favorite season, hands down.  I’m pretty solar-powered, so these long, sunny days bring out even more energy than I thought I had.  If you’re like me, and keen to get the most out of these warming days, being physically fit is one of the keys to that stamina. 

Today, I offer up a simple approach that is friendly and motivated!

Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.

Allow me to explain.

Starting where you are means accepting where your current fitness level is now and the gap between Now and Where You’d Like to Be.  It also means appreciating the challenge!  When we simply meet ourselves where we are, rather than resist or deny, we are actually able to make the incredible shifts we desire.  

We set ourselves up to take real, effective action when we see things clearly, rather than wasting energy wishing we had done things differently up to now…

So, offer yourself a healthy dose of self-love, which includes compassion and determination to be your best self.

Using what you have means building connections and habits that support where you want to be.  Social connections are incredibly powerful!  Think of how you prefer to be active, reach out to friends that are also doing those things.  Can’t think of any?  Make some! 

Networks like Meetup.com are priceless for what are called “weak ties.” Weak ties are essentially acquaintances.  These ties can be SO useful in behavior change because they are “weak” enough that you work harder to put your best foot forward.  Think of the last time you made a new friend that you were really impressed by—you probably presented your most impressive side!

So, make new friends that are into what you want more of in your life and let a little social pressure hold you accountable and help you build those healthy habits!

Doing what you can means expanding your perception of how to “get fit.” Many challenges we face, fitness or otherwise, are grown out of limited definitions.  When we open our perceptions of success, we find more success!

For example, if your definition of getting fit means going to the gym and going to the gym has to be a 90 minute session, then the days where those things just don’t fit could mean you lose a day of progress toward your goal… yikes.

So, instead, think of all of the ways you can include more movement into your life and create plans to fit them in on a more regular basis.  Take the stairs, walk the neighborhood after dinner, stretch at your desk, ride your bike. 

You decide what will inspire and motivate you so you can have the best summer yet 😊

Please reach out with any questions or comments- I’d love to hear about your summer fitness and wellness goals!

Have some habits and behaviors getting in the way of you having a spectacular summer?

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I love you, you are enough, go get it!

Blake Cason

MS Health Behavior and Education
BA Psychology
IWA Wellness and Life Coach
CDC Lifestyle Coach
E-RYT 200 Hr Yoga teacher
All around passionate lady!

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