Get in, we're going places.

I’m pretty freaking excited to share a recent connection I made through the strange, powerful tool of social media.

Social media is an incredible way for empowered visions to find their audience.  I was inspired by Elizabeth Emery’s mission and values in Hear Her Sports, reached out on a whim, and I’m so happy I did.

Elizabeth is a former professional cyclist who could not shake the knowledge that sports coverage has a serious gender imbalance.  Instead of just philosophizing about it over a glass of wine with friends like we do with some of the stuff that erks us, she made the courageous decision to give female athletes a voice through the growing podcast and social media medium.

Hell. Yes.

Elizabeth and I talk about my strange and nonlinear journey in climbing, success and failure, integrative wellness coaching, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  It was wonderful!

But then…

After our conversation, I felt pretty nervous of the outcome.  How did I come across?  Was I too excited (…standard)?  Did I overexplain, underexplain? 

Was. It. Perfect??!!

Even the idea of sharing the podcast was not everything my inner critic wanted me to do. 
“Maybe share it if you do another and are less gabber-y?” 

Well, spoiler alert:  No, it is not perfect.

It was imperfect. I was my standard excited-self, could have edited out a few ramblings, realize I say “like” more than I would, like, like to…

AND it was so incredible to hear my story through Elizabeth’s vision of feminist sports coverage.  My story is something I am proud of; the roughness and smooth-sailing, the shadow and the sparkly bits.

My inner critic jumped up for a moment, it’s true.  And I politely asked her to get in the backseat and not touch anything- I have places to go and will not be handing over the wheel, thank you.

Give it a listen, send me your thoughts.

What was something that pushed you out of your comfort zone?  How do you respond or react to failure? 

As always…

I love you. You are more than enough.  Go get it.