A conversation about Pivot...

A few weeks ago I had a very powerful and fun conversation with two special women.  Nina and Liz, hosts of the Wine and Shine Podcast, asked me some really great questions about how I work with clients in behavior and lifestyle coaching.

In our conversation, we are able to get specific about the complex and beautiful process of behavior change.  They ask some real, relevant, and insightful questions that speak to struggles so many of us have- how do I DO the things I want, and STOP doing what isn’t working?

I give a glimpse into my beginnings in health and wellness in South Africa, of all places.  We talk about sexuality and gender dynamics and breaking through our ‘stories.’

The storied nature of the human experience was actually a common thread through our conversation. In my years of working with individuals as they work to adjust their lives and lifestyle, behavior was their initial focus but understanding the root stories was how they made the changes and made them stick over time.

We talk about mindfulness and morning routines, building a relationship with intuition, and my upcoming online courses… all while laughing and enjoying some good, clean conversation.  Less of an interview, more of a sharing of expertise.

Give it a listen HERE or check out Wine and Shine on iTunes HERE

And tell me, what habit is getting in the way of your healthiest, happiest life?  Does perfectionism ever dress up like self-improvement and lead you down an unkind path, too?

As always…

I love you. You are enough. Go get it.