Routines and Self-Care for After-5PM Energy

And now for story time… Imagine it…

You’ve gotten yourself through another week at the office and finally the weekend is here.  You have been looking forward to disconnecting from the screens and living your life all week.


Friday hits and you’re pretty beat.  Understandable.

Saturday you just can’t rally to get out like you’d hoped.

And Sunday, well, work is right around the corner, so better rest up…

The standard 40-hour week can wreck our energy and motivation if we are not careful.  And with more and more people working 50-70 hour weeks, whoa, staying clear-headed and full-hearted in the midst of so much work is a serious mission.

You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do.

I read that once and it rang in my head for a long time.  Some parts of society struggle with accepting self-care as necessary “calories” for the soul. 

It balances us out, fuels us for the tough stuff, and allows us to interact with ourselves and the world from a nourished place.  Self-care is far from selfish. 

I have so many clients that come to me because they don’t know where to start in creating a self-care routine that doesn’t take 5 hours of their day, but is more than just brushing their teeth.

Where do I fit it in? What are options that meet my needs? How do I make this stuff a habit?

And on and on!

Like most things, there is no easy answer (or you would have already done it) and no one is the same.

An important place to start is by examining the “wiggle room” in your mornings, work day, and evenings so you can assess where these routines can be added so they are sustainable.

Another component that is helpful is balancing types of self-care. 

We each have our own equation, but here are some areas to keep in mind when brainstorming self-care rituals to increase your energy and mental clarity:

Movement, community, food, rest, play, alone time, intellectual or personal growth…

For some, it works best to keep the same routines each day.  Others switch it up throughout the week on a schedule.  While others just block time and follow their intuition for needs in the moment.

There is no right or wrong answer!

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