Pivot Wellness

habit, mindfulness & lifestyle coaching with Blake Cason, MS

Sustainably healthy lifestyles for the burned and burning out


Pivot Wellness is…

  • Balance responsibilities and play

  • Find more calm and clarity

  • Set and achieve goals in alignment with your real life

  • Manage stress and reduce overwhelm

  • Integrative wellness approach accounts for all areas of your life

  • Research-based tools and techniques

  • Simple and powerful approach to sustainable changes

  • Individual, group, and work-site wellness

Twelve years experience across the breadth of health, wellness, and life coaching.


1:1 Integrative Wellness Coaching

Build the skills and confidence to create and sustain your balanced life.


Group Work



Pivot’s unique content curated into high-impact, interactive workshops. These workshops are more than information, they are a effective framework for change under skilled facilitation. Learn from Pivot, the group, and yourself with this field-tested content.


Group coaching courses are a deeper dive into sustainable lifestyle change than single workshops. These courses run throughout the year and are a great way to connect with the power of Pivot in a more affordable package.

Work-Site Wellness

Tailored specifically to your company and team, Pivot offers work-site wellness workshops, seminars, training and keynote speaking. And incredible way to introduce this balanced approach to your work-site, increasing creativity, productivity, retention, health outcomes, team connection and communication. All based on current research and Pivot’s years in the field.


Client Experiences


Online Courses

You know yourself better than anyone— try these affordable guided courses to start your pivot.

Anatomy of Habit: Online Course
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Anatomy of Habit: Online Course
20.00 40.00

Every action speaks a need.

While habits can seem like a strange mystery of compulsion, they can be rearranged!  Learn how to strengthen positive habits, realign those that aren’t serving you, and how to create willpower and discipline in your life.

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Epic Energy: A 4-Day Course in Energy Management
30.00 60.00

With this course, you will have a step-by-step process for creating and sustaining healthier habits and routines in your day.  Clarifying workbooks to dial in YOUR self-care equation.  And guided meditations to shed even more light on what you *want* from your days.  

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Goal Achievement: Desire-Driven & Values-Based
20.00 40.00

Learn the big differences between simply setting goals and making them part of our lives until they are completed.  Using research-proven tools and techniques, reflect on what is important you and how to use it to make big leaps in your life.  Like a boss.

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Meet our founder

Blake Cason, MS

Speaker, facilitator, coach, lover of adventure, Blake Cason is a lot of joy and energy in one human. From Africa to the Utah mountains, she approaches health and wellness with curiosity and commitment.

Every action speaks a need.
— BC