Salt Lake City Wellness Workshops

Salt Lake City Wellness Workshops


Join Blake and a group of wellness seekers as you learn the tools to have a healthier and happier life together.

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Come ready for clarity and actionable insight.  Reflective activities, tips, resources, and discussion in a safe place.  Facilitator Blake Cason, MS, RYT-200, IWC, is a wellness coach with 12 years of experience helping others find a life they are in love with.  Join her and a group of health and wellness seekers and leave with the tools to have a healthier and happier life.

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Mindfulness: Beyond Sitting

Meditation is almost a cliché these days!  Don’t let that deter you- it is simple, timeless and could be the key to less stress and more happiness in your life…

Come learn about mindfulness and present moment awareness in action and applied to life.  Facilitator, Blake Cason, did not have an easy road to a mindfulness practice.  She shares effective strategies and techniques to slow your brain so you can find peace, and guidance in discovering what works best for you. Activity and discussion based, exploring what mindfulness is, what it feels like when we are not, and how it can add to your life in powerful ways.

The Daily Grind: Routines and Self-Care for After-5 Energy

Five o'clock rolls around and the day is all yours!  But after all the stress and mental-output, you’re left with… meh.

Even with the best intentions, we can still be left drained and unmotivated after our responsibilities are taken care of.  Learn simple and effective ways to create and sustain energy throughout the day so you have more you to give.  While it may be tempting, you can’t do a good job at anything if your job is all you do.

Value-based and Desire-Driven Goal Achievement

So, you’ve looked around your life and seen some areas for improvement.  Maybe you wrote them down, maybe you read books and got started.  Felt great out of the gates, got to work and saw some changes… and, then… the intention slowly fizzled.  Why?  You know that the change will benefit you and have accomplished things in the past? 

Learn the big differences between simply setting goals and making them part of our lives until there are completed.  Using research-proven tools and techniques, reflect on what is important you and how to use it to make big leaps in your life.

Anatomy of Habit: Every Action Speaks a Need

What’s the deal with those patterns and habits in your life?  Especially the ones you know aren’t working that well.  Why are they so… sticky?  So difficult to catch and even hard to stop ourselves?  While habits can seem like a strange mystery of compulsion, they can be rearranged!  Learn how to strengthen positive habits, realign those that aren’t serving you, and how to create willpower and discipline in your life.