Come Together 9-Week Group Wellness Course

Come Together 9-Week Group Wellness Course


Come Together is a 9-week integrative life coaching program that provides the tools, support and resources for you to set and achieve goals, move towards wellness and balance and overcome negative patterns. The program helps you to move towards your desired outcomes in all four aspects of yourself.

“Come Together addresses transforming ALL major areas of life:

Health & Fitness
Relationships & Family
Career & Performance
Self-Development & Spirituality

Maybe the most obvious 'not-rights' are physical, like low energy or a diet that you wouldn't write home about.  Or relational, like bickering or struggling to connect with others or yourself.  Racing thoughts, self-criticism?  Feeling dissatisfied or listless, overspending, or underachieving? 

It could look and feel like anything, but we all know the feeling...

One option?  Continue down that road, feeling uncomfortable in our own skin, looking for distractions and fixes that only address the symptoms.

Or, another option...


Each week, the group will gather to discuss that week’s activities from the course book (participants complete on their own before meetings).  The activities will dive deeper into personal reflection, (re)definition and possible realignment of values, views of the world, and needs as times goes one.  Within these, a focus on balance, mindfulness and the space for choice in one’s life.  We approach this with actionability

We will be work both Inside -Out (overcoming core issues, negative emotions and limiting beliefs) while also Outside-In (effective actions, strategies, patterns and behavior modification) simultaneously.  Some intent and outcomes we focus upon are supporting goal achievement and making balanced life changes, healing core issues and negative patterns and empowerment to make those changes with effective tools, techniques, and specific action plans.  All of this with the resolve of achieving balance in our lives and in all body system

My specific approach to coaching includes additional experience and expertise in mindfulness and stress reduction techniques.  These will be utilized in addition to the group discussions to set the tone, practice techniques for wellness plans, and aid in reflection of within and post group activities.  I will also be facilitating other activities and providing additional resources from my personal and professional experiences in wellness like habit looping, emotional clearing, yoga (short sessions), intuitive eating, and movement therapy. 

This course is in many ways the same powerful, outcome based work you would be doing when working privately with me as a wellness coach.  It takes the same general path of weekly sessions with clients, with discussion and plan making.  This course, however, adds the powerful element of peer discussion and community support.  There is something truly incredible about sitting within an emotionally safe group of peers on their own journey.  We can learn so much from each other, as well as the reminder that we are not alone on the road.

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